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We help SMBs all over Sydney to achieve their growth potential seamlessly with IT.

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Does Your IT Create More Problems Than Solutions? 

Are your IT capabilities struggling to keep up with your business goals?

Without proper set-up, even cutting-edge digital tools and ecosystems can turn into overpriced gimmicks for you.

Do you feel like you're minutes away from a security breach at any given moment?

With cyber security risks rising every year, you can't afford to take your chances against data breaches and disasters.

Do you want to experience the full force of IT powering your business growth? 

Growing with IT does not require massive expenditures, just a masterful use of what you already have. And Blacktown IT is here to prove that to you! 

We Make Your IT Issues Go Away For Good! 

Our IT services were specifically designed to be a match made in heaven for small to medium-sized entities. We provide premier digital support and solutions to SMBs without skyrocketing their IT expenses. We power your tech stack with state-of-the-art IT solutions and uninterrupted support, helping you outsmart your competition with IT! 

At Blacktown IT, we treat our customers like family. Yes, you heard that right! While most IT providers make a great first impression and gradually slack off, we maintain our premier quality every day of the year! With us as your trusted IT partner, your tech stack will become responsive, slick, and irreplaceable in your growth journey!

client retention since day one.
savings on IT with our guidance.
What we offer

We provide custom-fit IT solutions that directly tackle your digital challenges and limitations.

Up to 50% Cost-Savings

Poorly implemented IT solutions that don't fit your business goals can bloat your IT budgets needlessly. With our expertise guiding your digital decision-making you will cut your IT costs almost in half! 

Personalised Services

We do not settle for band-aid IT solutions that only scratch the surface of your digital problems.
We build custom tools and provide tailored services that directly tackle your unique IT challenges.

Top-Notch Security

In the modern world, no business can truly feel safe without cutting-edge cybersecurity guarding the digital gates. Blacktown IT ensures that your vital business info and sensitive data remain for your eyes only.

All-Inclusive Support

We have all the answers to your nagging IT problems and we are always minutes away from handling your issues. Let us know whatever plagues your IT systems, and we will get back to you in 15 minutes or less!

Seasoned Experts

Our in-depth, practical experience firmly separates us from the competition. We utilize our tech insights to perfect our IT services and provide you with sure-handed guidance on all things IT.

Focus on Growth

At Blacktown IT, we aim to be your IT partner and growth partner at the same time. With our experience, premier quality, and personal touch, we propel your IT powers beyond expectations and help you grow!

Our Success Stories

When we fix your IT errors,
They go away for good! 

Eddie Rahme

Director, Nerva Group Pty Ltd

“The Blacktown IT Team have been a pleasure to work with - efficient, cost effective and always available. Exactly what you require!”

Katia Chehade

Professional Bookkeeper & Business Owner, Sudoku Bookkeeping

“Gorgi and his team have been great in their service delivery and the peace of mind to have someone who looks after my business' IT requirements especially during this period of cyber-attacks. I highly recommend Blacktown IT!”

Andrew Yaqo

Director, Copano Property Services

"I have contacted Blacktown IT with an issue that had been bugging me for about 24hrs and within minutes Gorgi and the team responded and resolved my problem. I cannot thank them enough! I highly recommend them and their customer service is amazing. I will be using them for all my IT problems in the near future.Keep up the great work!"

David Cadorin

Director, Soutern Cross Balustrading & Pool Fencing

“To all the staff at Blacktown IT, We at Southern Cross Balustrading have dealt with Blacktown IT for a few years now and we have found the company, more than helpful we have called the owner of the business Gorgi for help many times and the problems are dealt with straight away and as a small business that means a great deal to us moving forward thank you Blacktown IT.”

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